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Healing Your Story - Spiritual Life Coaching

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Healing and Evolving

Over the last 14 years I have had the opportunity of working with some amazing people, who were drawn to come to me for healing. I have felt privileged to assist them in their journey of healing and self discovery, and I continue to dedicate myself to this work; my soul life purpose.

There are many reasons that people are drawn to healing, whether suffering from physical pain or illness, emotional trauma, mental overload, or needing support and guidance. Because healing works on all levels of the mind, body and spirit, whatever the problem, healing can help to bring the person into a place of peace and harmony.

People often find themselves at the crossroads of life - not knowing which way to turn. They struggle for fear of making the wrong decision and berate themselves when they do. All the decisions people make, whether right or wrong, form part of their life lessons and life story.

Everyone has a story to tell. It is the story of their life to date and is determined by all experiences both good and bad, by inherent belief patterns and learned behaviors, all contributing to the person as they are today, or who they think they are!

For during the years of growth, our perception of who we are can be distorted, for example, by others behavior and attitudes, how we are treated or mistreated, social pressures or how we are accepted; these all store as emotional experiences and contribute towards our programming.

As our personal energies are delicately balanced, all these factors, as well as environmental stress and toxins, have an impact on our energy field and we can become tired or feel unwell when our energy flows are disturbed or blocked.

Becoming aware of energy fields and understanding the way the chakra system works, will help people to feel more in tune with themselves and more able to cope with the pressures of life.

Each chakra operates to a varying extent, depending on how open it is. Take our heart chakra, for example, it may be that as a child our heart centre was very open and loving came easily to us. At some point we may have experienced rejection or humiliation and as a result of the pain, we closed down our heart chakra, limiting the amount of energy we allowed to flow through it.

We sometimes hold our feelings tight in the chest, to keep our emotions from coming out. Not only do we hold back our pain, we also hold back our inner power and capacity to love fully. By working with the chakras it helps them open more fully, releasing blocked energy, which then restores harmony.

Healing Your Story - Spiritual Life Coaching

With a generous heart, empathy and a non-judgemental attitude, I listen to your story, helping you to see patterns and occurrences in your life that have contributed to your condition/situation and help you make lifestyle or social changes to bring balance and harmony in your life and heal the past. If we don't heal our story, we continue to work in the same old patterns, repeating situations, relationships, mistakes and wonder why this keeps happening to us.

I provide a secure & nurturing space where you feel safe to tell your story, knowing that you are supported all the way through.

Energy Healing

Energy healing is a powerful yet gentle process in which the person feels safe at all times, relaxed and made to feel comfortable and supported. During the subtle releases that occur, they may feel warmth, tingling or body movements as the body readjusts, or sometimes may see colours or images. Everyone's experience of healing is different.

As the healing continues to work, the person gains insights into their life, bringing forward wisdom and understanding on many different levels, and greater peace and harmony.

Each healing session takes about 75 minutes with the first session taking 2 hours approximately.

Healing sessions can be done in person if you are in the UK, or I am available on skype or phone, for those people who cannot travel or live anywhere else in the world.

Please use my Contact Page to send me a message if you would like support or help with any situation, or want to book an appointment. All messages will be treated in complete confidence.

Here are some other ways to help heal the mind, body and spirit that I work with during our healing sessions. Alternatively I can teach these on a one to one basis or in groups.


Meditation is a tool for training the mind and body to develop a state of equilibrium, relaxation and spiritual well-being. Meditation allows a state of calmness that can bring insights into our own awareness. It is an ideal tool to use alone or in conjunction with other modalities and assists people to deal with the stresses in their lives. Meditation has also been proven successful in providing pain relief and impacting positively on other physiological problems, such as blood pressure.

Colour Therapy

The main colours used in colour therapy are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These relate to the colours of the chakras and affect how we feel.

When we choose particular colours to wear each day, or to decorate our rooms, these affect our moods and emotions, as they resonate at different levels of our energy field. With knowledge, we can learn to use colour to raise our vibrations and revitalize our energies, and consciously we can bring balance to our energy field.

Even the food we eat has colour and in the same way, when shopping we can be drawn to certain colours of food, for example, if we are drawn to red peppers, red apples, red tomatoes, we are working with the root chakra representing grounding, support and foundation.


Sound is a very powerful healer; from the sound of a beating drum, a soothing mantra or softly spoken words, they all resonate through the throat chakra and etheric body.

Music has a wonderful healing quality, whether we play relaxing music, feel the rhythms of dance music, or sing along to our favourite artist, music's energetic vibrations and uplifting qualities can literally raise the spirit into a higher place.

When you next play a track from your most loved CD, close your eyes and sense where in the body you feel the connection. You may have several tracks that you play regularly, try it with all of them and see what areas of the body you are resonating with.


Dreams, imagination, conscious or guided visualization, all have the power to create energetic changes. We can have visions that provide us with direction in life, or that heal on a physical level. The power of the mind is so great that if we imagine something bad will happen to us, we create fear. The fear may cause us to have a physical reaction like butterflies in the stomach, or we could stop eating or sleeping.

Of course, in working with the power of the mind, we can reverse the process and use our imagination to create positive reactions to bring healing to the body.


For many of us, relaxation means sitting in front of the TV at the end of a stressful day. But this does very little to reduce the damaging effects of stress, and to combat it effectively, we need to activate the body's natural relaxation response, which brings our nervous system back into balance.

We can do this by practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, rhythmic exercise, meditation or yoga. These activities can help reduce everyday stress and boost our energy and mood.

There is no single relaxation technique that is best for everyone so we need to choose one that fits in with our lifestyle, and is able to focus our mind and interrupt our everyday thoughts in order to activate the relaxation response.

Choose from deep breathing techniques, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness or body scan meditation.
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Weekly Quotes
"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950
"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."
George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950
"The spiritual life does not remove us from the world, but leads us deeper into it."
Henri J.M. Nouwen
"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are."
Joseph Campbell
"We are always getting ready to live but never living."
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